Study in Slovenia

Quick facts

  • Population: 2,064,188 (2016)
  • Capital: Ljubljana
  • Geographical size: 20,273 km2
  • GDP: €39.769 billion (2016)
  • Official EU language(s): Slovenian
  • Currency: Euro

Higher education in Slovenia

  • Number of higher education institutions: 61
  • Number of students in higher education: 104,000 (2012, Euromonitor International from national statistics/UNESCO)
  • Number of international students in higher education: 2288 (2012, UNESCO)
  • Language of instruction: Most higher education programmes in Slovenia are taught in Slovene language but you will find many taught in English too
  • Typical tuition fees: 
    Students from the European Union (EU) enrolled as ‘regular students’ do not have to pay tuition fees. Tuition fees for non- EU students vary from one higher education institution to another and per year typically range between:

    • 2,000 EUR to 5,000 EUR for Bachelor’s degree
    • 2,500 EUR to 7,500 EUR for Master’s degree
    • 3,000 EUR to 12,000 EUR Doctorate/Ph
  • Average length of a full-time higher education programme in Slovenia:
    • Bachelor’s degree programme: 3 years
    • Master’s degree programme: 2 years
    • Doctorate/PhD: 3 years


Slovenia is an extremely beautiful country located right in the heart of Europe. Picturesque countryside, from the planes to the high Alps, from the sea to the green wine-growing hills – it’s all there in a day’s reach.

The same goes for quick visits to neighbouring countries and cities like Venice, Vienna, Budapest and Zagreb, etc.

Culture and language

Slovenian culture is a wonderful mix of Slavic, Germanic, Roman and Hungarian influences that can be detected in the Slovenian language, art and way of living.

Slovenian people are known for their hospitality, diligence and their skill with languages! Getting around with English here will not be a problem.

Slovenia offers a unique experience, giving you all the benefits of a high quality higher education and once-in-a-life time adventures in this part of the world.

If you have any doubts regarding the organisation of your studies, don’t worry – a Slovenian student is a privileged student!

A special coupon system for student subsidised meals ensures that you will always eat well for a reasonable price. Public transport also offers subsidised monthly passes and if you love biking, even better – Ljubljana is ranked 13th on the list of best cities for urban cycling in the world. Slovene student organisations are very active and always ready to help you organize your life and get your social network started.

Ljubljana, Maribor, Koper and Nova Gorica are university cities that function like campuses, making it easy for you to find accommodation, arrange your student life and enjoy your free time.

Our universities offer a wide range of study programmes all accredited by our national accreditation agency; numerous higher education institutions also have international accreditations ensuring high-quality study programs and organisation of studies.

The majority of programmes are taught in the Slovene language but there are also many taught in English too.

If you are looking for that special place with high quality education, where prices are reasonable and you can have a fabulous time exploring historical and cultural heritage and natural beauties, choose Slovenia. It’s the best place to go!

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