Study in Belgium

The Kingdom of Belgium has a federal state structure, organised into three Communities: Flanders – the Flemish Community (Dutch speaking); Wallonia…

Study in Croatia

The Republic of Croatia (Republika Hrvatska), the EU’s newest member state, is attracting more and more international students, drawn by its…

Study in Estonia

Situated in northern Europe, Estonia is a country of striking natural beauty and stunning seaside locations, bringing together historical and modern…

Study in Greece

Greece is the place to be for history and mythology lovers… but there is so much more to discover here! Studying in Greece gives you the opportunity to gain a valuable qualification and prepare for your future career – while enjoying Greece’s vibrant culture and the Mediterranean way of life.

Study in Latvia

Located in North Eastern Europe, Latvia is a country of rich history and cultural traditions and is a relatively new national state. Due to its geographical location, it has always been a bridge between Eastern and Western Europe. Latvia is easily accessible by land, sea or air, and has the largest railway terminal and international airport in the Baltics.

Study in Poland

The Polish higher education system is developing rapidly. Poland holds fourth place in Europe (after the UK, Germany and France) in terms of the number of people enrolled in higher education. The total student population, at over 400 university-level schools, is almost one and a half million. Each year almost half a million young people begin their education at universities and colleges here.

Study in Slovakia

Slovakia has been a member state of the European Union since 2004. It is located in the heart of Europe, with the Danube River on the West-South and with the border to Ukraine in the East. Slovakia is a progressive and dynamic country, but also a traditional one, and thus very diverse. The society has gone through dynamic changes in the last 2 – 3 decades.